When & How to use the FaceMasks

When should you use a face mask?

Face masks are only effective if combined with frequent hand washing with soap and water or gel sanitizer – for at least 20s.

If you need to wear a face mask ― firstly learn how to use it, secondly how to dispose correctly it and thirdly how to wash it if reusable.

How do you wear, take off and dispose a face mask?

Before putting on a mask you must wash your hands with soap and water or gel sanitizer. Then cover your mouth and nose making sure there is no space left between the mask and your face. Avoid touching the face mask while wearing it, if you do, wash your hands right away.

As soon as you feel the face mask moist change it and do not re-use face masks that are of single-use.

To take the face mask off: Start from behind to front (without touching the front side). Then put it into a sealed container and throw it away immediately in the bin. Wash your hands with soap and water or gel sanitizer.

How do you re-use fabric face masks?

Once you have taken the face mask off (without touching the front side) you must hand-wash them for 15 mins, if possible with chlorine or disinfectant. Rub the face mask vigorously to get rid of any possible substance residues that might be stuck in the fabric.

Then rinse the face mask with plenty water until it is not soapy. Dry it out and subsequently iron the face mask with a high temperature.