Our Philosophy

What We Are

Artistry + Revolution + Adaptation

Carlota Яojas is a novel brand that wants to revolutionise the actual approach to fashion accessories. Through the implementation of a globalised perspective, it combines experience with cultural appreciation. An integration between the current fashion trends and progressive innovation that presents an original and authentic view to our unpredictable future.

This is represented in our ultimate goal ―to be a prominent fashion brand that INSPIRES the FUTURE.

What We Belief

At the heart of Carlota Яojas’ beliefs is the assured expression of absolute individuality.

We want to embody the diversity of our customer’s tastes and commitments of life, so you can feel proudly identified and appreciated. For us, to be fashionable is to be comfortable in your own skin, highlighting a woman’s inner beauty with their exterior appearance. Because only you are able to interpret yourself alone and everyone deserves to feel at ease when expressing who they are without any restraints. To demonstrate your worth and assert your identity by wearing our creations.

Our Values

Four main values are at the core of Carlota Яojas:

  1. Authenticity. Distinctive personalities and attitudes that define our styles and essence is part of our DNA. Because every person is unique, we want to transmit this same principle to our designs and products.
  2. Respect. We value our customers’ opinions and decisions, continually striving for the formation of close bonds relationships with our clientele.
  3. Commitment. To provide always our best efforts in our work to ensure every customer is satisfied and acknowledged. We are passionate about our work trying to make our best in every situation, sharing trust among our customers.
  4. Integrity. Honesty and sincerity with our customers based on an effective, efficient and continuous communication through all our channels.

What We Do

An artwork for every woman - A personalised service of headpieces, fascinators and accessories with the highest standards and quality. Every designer is an artisan – from his or her creation is born a product.

Complex designs and diversity of styles - Through the mixture of different fabrics and embroidery to encompass as many themes as possible.

Sustainable use of the world’s resources - Carlota Яojas is always compromised with our society as we care about the environment. Therefore we want to transmit this idea through the design of our products. To bring the best practical ideas and contribute to the awareness of protecting our world.